27 Springs

I don’t want to be corny, but it’s inevitable. I’m on that crisis “OMG I’m 3 years away from the 30s.” It was hard to come to terms with myself. I am really hard on me, and I have high standards. This sensation made me feel – for multiple times – like I was a failure. By now, I should have a career, I should have travelled the world, created something meaningful, and be feeling fulfilled and successful.

It also happens that two years ago I decided to let behind me everything I had and restart. Consider it my mid-twenties breakdown. But it was wonderful.

Restarting gave me the chance to meet the most amazing people. Gave me the chance to visit places I never thought I would be. It also blessed me with freshness. Restarting was good.

Two years from that turning point and here I am. I still haven’t accomplished everything I want. But I also added so many things I never thought I would have, so many experiences I never imagined it would be possible. I am accomplishing, and I am failing, and I am trying again.

What I just want to say, really, it that without that risk I wouldn’t have lived all this. It’s been an amazing journey, and I got the best crew member by my side, right Justin? If I can give you one piece of advice, there it goes: throw yourself out there. You may be eaten by wolves, or you can become one.

Be courageous.

You will think everything is falling apart multiple times. But somehow you stand, and stronger. You’ll be scared, but the sun always comes up. You will be sad, but the happy moments will be the happiest. Enjoy your life at fully. Find love, let yourself be loved. Don’t be afraid to get hurt – everything heals.

I’m just 27. I’m a little boy caring a man’s dream. But I won’t stop, and neither should you. I know life can be unfair sometimes – or many times – use that as fuel. Move on.

The best is still to come.

And many thanks to all those who, somehow, helped me to get here. Without you I would be lost.

Life is about everything we share.

Love you.

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